Very Short Black Hairstyles You Will Love

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Very Short Black Hairstyles For Chubby Faces

Very short black hairstyles are not only popular among men, but also among women. Surprisingly, this kind of very short hairstyle is also popular among famous celebrities. So then, to make a significant make over, why don’t you try some? If you still hesitate about trying this one, don’t be. You will discover many fascinating very short black hair cut you will fall too. Let we start from the most popular very short hairstyles like pixie hairstyle. Pixie hairstyle is so versatile since, you can style the hairstyle in many ways you love. You can add bangs on your pixie hair which create such cute and elegant look.

The other options to style very short black hairstyles like pixie are by replacing the bangs with color (you can color the hair with your favorite color or simply ask your stylist) and by treating it just like Halle Berry did for her hair. She creates a crown for her curly pixie hair, which is so stylish and cute. You can also choose kind of retro short hairstyle. This wavy short hairstyle is so famous in the early of twentieth century. You can use this classical hairstyle for special occasion like a retro party for example.

If you want something that is unique or challenging, you can style your hair with these two very short hairstyles like barely there and on the crest of a wave. Barely their hairstyle is not only very short but extremely short since, you can almost see your scalp’s skin (dare to try this one?). Whilst, on the crest of a wave just like it names, it creates an unique wave on top of the hair and the wave is made from the long bangs. In short, with all of plenty very short black hairstyles you can still in style even in a very short hairstyles.

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